pilsner disease ep

by White Spine Shore

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an EP I threw together to try out my cassette recorder
the whole thing actually turned out alright so I decided to put it on my bandcamp too
consists of 3 instrumental tracks and 3 with vocals
note that the songs are in demo versions though


released August 31, 2015

These songs are written, performed and recorded by me and solely me



all rights reserved


White Spine Shore Malmö, Sweden

white spine shore
pilsner diseases
slippery metzenbaum
electrochemical mammography tycoon insides
indium insinuation

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Track Name: ashamed
Naked on your bathroom floor
My hair in the toilet bowl
Your hands on my naked back***

I feel so fucking lonely
Even though you are here
Right next to me love

And all I think really recall is
How your face was red
Looking as if you were ashamed

Were you ashamed of me?
Were you ashamed of us?
Were you ashamed of me?
Were you ashamed of us?
Were you ashamed of me?
Were you ashamed of us?

*** = Despite of what I sing on this particular recording, these are the correct words.
Track Name: after sex
I want to have the conversations
we have after we've had sex

When we trade words with voices that are innocent and sweet

darling I'm sorry, I shouldn't compare myself to your ex

But when you cut up your arms he was the first you cared to tell

I will never be that skinny boy you used to love so much

(I wish I could trust our love, no paranoia or apologies

They say you can’t love another if you can’t love yourself

Sometimes I think of it as true, but then I remember you)***

***=despite being a part of the song, these words do not appear on this specific recording
Track Name: sheets
We share thirty seven stitches

Under your older brothers sheets

And for every single one

I will swear an oath to love you

For as long as you want me to

My hands and fingers wander off

Taking a stroll on your thin wrists

Invisible patterns on your skin

Your smile, bright pink; it's mostly gum

As our pale skin collides again

We move in symbiotic rhythm

Organic bliss in every word

We're back to how we used to love

Our heads and eyes begin to fall

And I pray to the morning sun

For it to let this stay intact